Out Now: Draa Share 7″Single ‘Even In My Dreams (All My Life) & ‘Only Love’ + Feature On Noisey

Out Now

Draa Share 7″ Single ‘Even In My Dreams (All My Life) & ‘Only Love’

Listen HERE

Featured On Noisey

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After listening to the first few hooks of Draa’s single ‘Even In My Dreams (All My Life) & ‘Only Love’ I’m instantly reminded of The Smith’s, and The La’s and being a proud (original) vinyl owner and avid long-time fan of these bands and the genre, I found my little heart jumping for joy in a haze of nostalgia.  I actually saw the LA’s live, and nearly got spat at by Lee Mavers, unfortunately never made it to a Smith’s gig though. Housemartins? Anyone?

After checking out the playlist they have made for Talkhouse, it confirmed these influences to me. I’m never quite sure about comparisons, because I never know if bands see it as a compliment or as an insult or simply find it annoying, which unfortunately confirmed it to me after reading the Tiny Mixtape article in which they state that they “don’t want to be pinned down any more”, but since they cite The Smith’s, Lou Reed and The Sunday’s, among others, as their inspirations, it all made sense.

Another reason why I was satisfied to read and to quote the band’s MacAndrew Martin on The Sunday’s track ‘Here’s Where The Story Ends’:

“There’s something about it that resonates with me a lot. It’s nostalgic, it’s simple, but it does everything right”.

This is exactly how I felt while listening to the tracks, things don’t always have to be difficult to listen to and I’m more than happy to come back to some jangly Johnny Marr style guitars and I’m sure they could start a new trend to bring this genre back into the limelight, without the annoyance by the comparisons, but rather to embrace these.

I also believe that bands like Draa might sometimes start out very close to their heroes and inspirations, but further along find their own distinct style that we love about bands like The Shins or Weezer, if that’s not a comparison too much, but rather a promise of longevity.

Listen To ‘Even In My Dreams (All My Life) & ‘Only Love’:

The 7″ ‘Even In My Dreams (All My Life) & ‘Only Love’ is available now via their Bandcamp or via the Funeral Party Records online store.


But give me a minute; I just have to quickly listen to the tracks again….Maybe it is nostalgia, but they certainly have my vote!


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