Mr Sanka — “Be Easy” Released As Part Of Gallon EP Via PMR/B3SCI




“The most exciting band around…a fantastic song that you can’t help sway around to” – Wonderland 

“Leaves you sky high” – NME

“A first step that introduces a band with no limits to their ambitions” – DIY

“Drawing from 60s and 70s era pop and French house….the track soars” – All Things Go

“One of the most exciting new acts in music today”Hilly Dilly

Mr Sanka have premiered “Be Easy”, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming Gallon EP (PMR/B3SCI). This follows the breakout success of debut single “Flight Mode”, which topped Spotify charts in the likes of the UK, US, Netherlands, Canada and went top 10 in the Global Viral Chart (with over 2 million streams).

“Be Easy” confirms Mr Sanka’s arrival as one of the year’s most exciting and unlikely new bands. It’s ultimately, they say, “a song of hope, about coming out of a rough 2016 for everyone”, musically twisting the three-piece’s live instrumentation around the kind of organic, textured electronica of Metronomy or Cashmere Cat. The uplifting results introduce their debut Gallon, a loosely winter-themed EP which nonetheless hint at warmth, sun and better days ahead.

Watch ‘Be Easy’:

Pulling from three diverse life journeys, Mr Sanka flourishes with a cosmopolitan diversity that belies nationality. Dutch singer and visual artist Nick – who also designs all the band’s artwork – met London-based producers Mus and Murray by chance when they were all visiting Los Angeles. They immediately hit it off, forming a friendship (and very quickly, Mr Sanka) alternately defined by working in extreme distance, and extreme proximity: the early results of Mr Sanka suggest a restless fusion of sounds, in which relationships are audibly evolving and whatever time you have together counts.

With the band taking their name from a character in the film ‘Cool Runnings’, you may recognize Mr Sanka’s actual long-haired leader of the pack, Nick van Hofwegen: a nomadic young designer who originally left a small village in The Netherlands for Berlin. Nick then travelled to London – where he sold handbags at an airport – via Brooklyn and L.A, arriving with just $100 in his pocket (but eventually finding fans including tour-mate Chance The Rapper).

A random encounter between three strangers far from home may have brought Mr Sanka together, but what’s emerged is an exciting new band who find themselves precisely where they’re supposed to be.



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