Revisiting: TPOS Playlist #6 (Just Because We Can, And It’s So Pretty And Awesome) ft.Future Elevators, Mt. Wolf, Wray, Bloodhounds On My Trail, The Veldt, Caveman, The Vryll Society, Viola Beach and more

Hey There Everyone,

Just started listening to this playlist again, which I posted last year in June 2016, and it immediately hit me, how incredibly awesome the tracks on this list are, so I decided to share it with you again. Maybe it’s just me, but listening to it, just gives me so much hope and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know a song or, music in general, speaks to you.

I’m sure a lot of you, just like me, feel down with what’s going on at the moment, but I hope this playlist will lift your spirits as much as it lifts mine.

 Also using the opportunity to send out good vibes to the families of Viola Beach, which are on this playlist, to remember them and celebrate their talent.

Thanks for listening!

But anyway…here’s the playlist! Enjoy!

Future Elevators   –  Machine Maker

Caveman  –  Never Going Back

Mt. Wolf  –  Anacrusis

Wray  –  Pined

The Veldt  –  Sanctified

Future Elevators  –  Alabama Song

Bloodhounds On My Trail  –  She’s In My Plans

Novah   –  Revolution

Private Island  – Drugs

The Vryll Society  –  Self Realization

Native People  –  Don’t Save Me

The Zolas  –  Get Dark

Viola Beach  –  Swings & Waterslides 

MOTHXR  –  She Can’t Tell

Seprona  –  Trap Door

Sleeplust  –  My Place

Meter Bridge  –  It Was Nothing

High Violet  –  Only Heart

Nicky Davey  –  Been Lovin’ You

The Orielles  –  Jobin

Bentcousin  –  Everything Is Everything

Ask For Joy  –  Pinprick Eyes

Darla And The Blonde  –  End Of The Party

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