Baum Jr. To Release First “Next-Gen 8-Bit” Single This October

Baum Jr. To Release First “Next-Gen 8-Bit” Single This October

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This autumn, an independent artist under the moniker of Baum Jr. will debut his first studio endeavours. The musician, who has a background in rock, describes his newly invented genre as ‘Next-Gen 8-bit’, calling upon influence from film scores and game soundtracks of the 1980’s. ‘When I Grow Up’ and ‘Heroes’, Baum Jr.’s debut singles, are set for release Friday 28th October.

‘When I Grow Up’ is a cover of a Garbage song, the popular American-Scottish alternative rock outfit founded in the mid 90’s. Baum Jr.’s rendition of the track boasts some restructuring and sonic shifts. In lieu of Garbage’s alternative rock stylings from 1998, Baum Jr. has opted for an electronic pop landscape that’s infused with his signature ‘8-bit’ sound.

Listen To ‘When I grow Up’:

Baum Jr.’s ‘8-bit’ sound truly is ‘next generation’. ‘When I Grow Up’ is elegantly contemporary while wholly retro – a spectacular balance Baum Jr. managed. The artist has effortlessly crafted an electronic composition chock full of synthesisers, bleeps and bloops, bombastic acoustic drums, and tactful, edgy vocals.

In the case of this new single, Baum Jr. has rebuilt Garbage’s song from the ground up utilising a new key and style. ‘Heroes’, which Baum Jr. considers a “Double-A single, meaning it isn’t a B-side, is a completely original effort that compiles the sonic intricacies of its predecessor in a fresh new way.

The two tracks complement one another masterfully, and are sure to make Baum Jr.’s debut as one to take notice of.

Fans can connect with Baum Jr. on his relevant social media, all of which can be found below! Keep up to date with Baum Jr. to stay updated on new projects, release schedules, and more!

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