Out Today: Estrella Oscura Releases ‘On The Edge Of Forever’ EP

Estrella Oscura Releases First EP ‘On The Edge Of Forever’ Today

Available to download HERE


Andy Jefferys, former songwriter and guitarist for 90s shoegaze band ‘Be’ releases his first EP ‘On The Edge Of Forever’ as his new solo project ‘Estrella Oscura’ today. Andy says about the music on the EP: “Across the four tracks, I’ve tried to recreate what I hear in my head and heart, drawing as much on all of the musical influences I know and love, as well as having an emotional depth drawn from recent experience.

After being present in Nice at the time of the recent tragedy, the third track “Promenade” in particular became more poignant to me, even though it had been written beforehand, and I feel it has a real sense of strength and hope as well as being melancholy. “Light”, the fourth track, was drawn from an old unreleased song from the band I was in back in the 90s, and continues that sense that out of such negativity, positivity ultimately prevails”.

Listen To ‘On The Edge Of Forever’:


Estrella Oscura has previously released the singles ‘Beyond Within’ and ‘Within Beyond’, with‘Beyond Within’ being included on a compilation CD via Patetico Recording’s “Rock Back for Nepal Volume 2” to aid victims of the Nepal earthquake.

After joining ‘Be’ in about 1993 in the UK’s Surrey area, and providing much of the musical direction, the band gained a lot of local success and the ear of Fire Records, home to Spacemen 3. A possible record deal with this label was offered but unfortunately due to other commitments of the band members, sadly this never got off the ground and the band split soon after.

Andy played sporadically within the multi-guitar orchestras of composers Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca, but the opportunity to record new material only came to fruition due to his ‘Be’ vocalist Annie Edlich getting back in touch in 2014. The pair decided to start another project called ‘The Speedwell Blue’, and although one track is available via Soundcloud HERE , the project is currently on hiatus due to personal commitments.

Gaining new enthusiasm through the ‘Speedwell Blue’ project, he decided to start his own project ‘Estrella Oscura’ (Spanish for “dark star”), to fulfil the new inspiration and to express himself on his own terms.

Estrella Oscura produces purely instrumental music, with Andy writing and playing all of the instruments himself, being best described as having shoegaze, dream-pop and drone influences with atmospheric elements. The aim is to take the listener on an emotional journey, by listening to the many layers of the composed tracks. The interpretation of each track will probably vary with each individual but the possibilities for the tracks are versatile as they seem a perfect fit for TV and film for their instrumental qualities.

 ‘On The Edge Of Forever’ is out now and available to download HERE

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