Melbourne Based ‘Static Animal’ Share Radiant New Single And Release ‘Morning Sounds’ EP Today

Melbourne Based ‘Static Animal’ Share Radiant New Single ‘Country Room’ And Release ‘Morning Sounds’ EP Today via Sports Day Records

Listen To ‘Country Room’ HERE

‘Morning Sounds’ EP Available HERE


Another year, another four seasons. Reclusive bedroom artist Static Animal returns with another sultry and groove laden EP. The result of anxious thoughts from the middle of the night and in the early hours of the dawn, Static Animal’s personal yet vacant Morning Sounds reveals its space between the listener and maker.

Like a flower that never quite wants to blossom, Static Animal is always holding something back. Taking a cue from predominantly electronic artists, pushing back against the ever-growing lack of anonymity that comes with the internet/social media, the Melbourne-based Static Animal continues their shrouded muted style.

Listen To ‘Country Room’:

Static Animal’s self-titled debut EP, released on Sports Day records October 2015, was filled with breathy and light instrumentals amongst fuzzy hooks. Very few moments to take stock of its surroundings the album was a warm breeze in a cooler climate.

Their sophomore release poses a more complicated sensation, opening with the raucous kraut influenced dark number ‘Runner’. Searing through the playfulness, the clarity and demand of the opener don’t hold off the light for long, the breathy calm of the dreamy ‘Country Room’ and ‘Hours’ adds multiple colours to the palette once more.

Veering away from the confessional, Static Animal utilises found sounds and field recordings from the Melbourne coast, in its most ambient moments the EP looks to show off how emotion can be captured in small bursts of sound. Static Animal hides its humanity in the instruments and city of its making. Sink into Morning Sounds and find something.

Mornings Sounds will be released digitally + a very limited release of 20 cassette tapes
 via Sports Day records

Twitter: @sportsdayrec
Instagram: @sportsdaytheo

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