Out Today: A Shoreline Dream Release ‘Whirlwind’ Single

Out Today: A Shoreline Dream Release ‘Whirlwind’ Single

 “Delicate curves and beauty… a glorious dawn” – PopMatters

“Begging for you to play it loud” – Surviving The Golden Age

“A wild and beautiful thing” – The Big Takeover

“Goth heaven… one of the leading lights of the neo-shoegaze movement”DKFM
“Haunting vocals, addictive guitar lines, synth swells to die for & a swirling dark undertone that both scares & soothes all at once”Primal Music Blog
“The things we like most in stoner rock, dream pop, shoegaze and prog-tinted postrock”Overblown Magazine
“Shadowy and storming dreaminess.. reminiscent of The Church and The Damned”Stereo Embers Magazine


‘Whirlwind’ is the third single from the ever-evolving new record by A Shoreline Dream, which is being released song by song before its completion. This new track dives into the harsh reality of the constant changes occurring around us and the fact that everything continues to speed forward throughout our short lives.

Originating in Barnum, Colorado, A Shoreline Dream is Ryan Policky (vocalist/guitarist/producer) and Erik Jeffries (guitar). Together, the two crafted this latest ‘Whirlwind’.

With the recent death of singer Ryan Policky’s father, and a murder occurring right next door to where A Shoreline Dream writes, practices and records, the motivation to finish and release this track was high on the band’s to-do list for the summer. Riding a fine line between alternative rock, goth and post-punk and with a bass heavy overtone, the song dips, and dives into layers of guitars and vocal chants, heavily influenced by the changing of seasons, and the speed of life for this band now celebrating its 10th year of music experimentation.

Listen To ‘Whirlwind’:



The Heart Never Recovered: https://youtu.be/pnvo8WXRg6I
Mini-documentary on Ryan Policky: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIqoiDnbVZQ

As autumn comes and the release of ‘Whirlwind’ hits, new music will be developed that brings in the next wave of what’s to soon become A Shoreline Dream’s first vinyl album.

A Shoreline Dream makes what is best described as “progressive shoegaze”, combining lush sampled textures, organic instrumentation, and vocals layered like a synth. Their sound is an invigorating mixture of sounds from the likes of Bauhaus, Ride, and Sigur Rós mixed with early Dead Can Dance.

Over the past decade, the band has produced numerous acclaimed releases under their own label (Latenight Weeknight Records) and has intensively collaborated with legends such as Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Kramer. Recently they landed distribution by cult UK indie label Rocket Girl Records while recording with Ulrich in Leytonstone, and have also remixed an Engineers’ song for progressive label gods K-Scope.

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