Weird Together Announce Remix EP Out 9/23 via Feel Up Records + Drop Masayoshi Iimori Remix + “Ready For This” Video


Announce Ready For This Remix EP Out September 23rd
On Jillionaire’s (Major Lazer) Feel Up Records

Drop “Ready For This” Masayoshi Iimori Remix via Nest HQ
+ “Ready For This” Video via All Things Go

“…a brain melting revamp of the track”
– Nest HQ
Their blend of organic awesomeness has been making an impact from the other side of the globe”
– Okay Player
– All Things Go

Weird Together is one of the most globally minded electronic music projects to emerge from the South Pacific in recent times. Helmed by New Zealand radio host/DJ/music connoisseur Nick Dwyer and legendary Auckland-based producer DJ Dick “Magik” Johnson, the pair experimented with music that Nick collected while fronting the National Geographic series about global music culture — Making Tracks.  Ethiopian jazz records, the contemporary club from Ghana’s streets of Accra, plus dance music from the Caribbean and South America found their way into the studio and Weird Together was born.

The band has earned reputable co-signs from a number of the finest purveyors of new global rhythms such as DJ Nickodemus and Daniel Haaksman. British DJ/producer Miles Cleret signed Weird Together to his London-based Soundway Records label to release their debut EP and remix EP in 2015. The group also caught the attention of Jillionaire from Major Lazer, which prompted him to sign the band to his label Feel Up Records.

Following the release of their acclaimed single “Ready For This” that garnered over one million streams upon its release, Weird Together has now announced their Ready For This Remix EPset for release on September 23rd via Feel Up Records.

Watch ‘Ready For This’:

In celebration, Weird Together reveal the “Ready For This” (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) with Nest HQ and the official “Ready For This” video with All Things Go.  Stay tuned for more!


“Ready For This” (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)

“Ready For This” Video

Ready For This Remix EP Tracklist

1. Ready For This (Peacekeepers Remix)
2. Ready For This (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)
3. Ready For This (Tony Quattro Remix)
4. Ready For This (Dan Aux Remix)
5. Ready For This (Electric Candy Sand & Bruno Uesugi Remix)


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