Help Wanted! TPOS Is Looking For Fellow Music Enthusiasts!

Hi Everyone,

I would really love for this website/blog to be the best that it can be, and for that to happen, I would really love some help from like-minded music enthusiasts. I have set up this blog/website as an outlet for my love of music, but with so many (fantastic) feature and review requests, which I would really like to be able to fulfill (and a full-time job to keep me entertained), I could really do with some support.

I am at the point where I would love to take this website one step further and it would be fantastic to get some help. It would only be on a volunteer basis (for the moment anyway), but hopefully, the offer of some free gigs, doing interviews with some cool bands and listening to new releases before anyone else, might sweeten the pain of not getting paid.

What I’m looking for:

Someone who loves music as much as I do, and would like to review music, concerts and also post features. I’m also always open to suggestions on improving the blog and its features.

So please, get in touch and we can discuss any details.

Please email:

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