Out Today: Long-Term Stereolab Keyboardist Morgane Lhote Releases Debut ‘Hologram Teen’ EP

Out Today: Long-Term Stereolab Keyboardist Morgane Lhote Releases Debut Hologram Teen EP


“The imagined soundtrack to an ecstatic video game with explosions around every corner”  – Huffington Post

“Fun from start to finish”  Pure M Magazine

“Treads the line between The Fear and The Funk” – Electronic Sound Magazine

“Delightful techno with interesting changeups and clever effects all in the right places. Fun and bouncy, parsimoniously perplexing and gyrating. More please”
– Overblown Magazine

“An insistent beat propels happy electronics through a kaleidoscope of subtly changing rainbow starlight, ultimately landing in a dayglo ether’ –Big Takeover Magazine

“Crunky whirling, sometimes dark, but always fun musical path chocked full of electronic motorik disco” – The Spill Magazine

Following on from her limited 7” single on Happy Robots RecordsHologram Teen brings us an extended four track digital EP version including two previously unreleased tracks.

The new EP ‘Marsangst / Hex These Rules’, being released by London-based Happy Robots Records, pushes Morgane’s electronic horror movie sound in a new direction, almost inventing a whole genre – ‘techno-Krautrock’. Sounding like the best of seminal French house pioneer Étienne de Crécy condensed down to five minutes and remixed by Stripe from Gremlins.

“On Marsangst, I wanted to experiment with a more techno feel and style of production such as side-chain compression, which helped me create a more propulsive response between the kick drum and bass tracks,” says Morgane Lhote. ‘Hex These Rules’ was influenced by the tongue-in-cheek Balearic feel-good dance anthems of the Spanish label Suara, while ‘Scratches en Série’ is a playful homage to early hip-hop and bands such as The Sugar Hill Gang. ‘Franmaster Glash’ has a special place in my heart as it’s the first Hologram Teen track I’ve ever written, and again it’s strongly influenced by early 1980s NYC Electro if you couldn’t already tell by the name.”

Listen To the stream:


Pre-order  http://www.happyrobots.co.uk/#!hologram-teen/knt34
Vinyl order http://www.happyrobots.co.uk
YouTube playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBaNbIKlHiU&list=PL6xxQ5Y_0epyiuUe2_OC-KFMVmeJmJWC5

The four-track digital EP is being made available on all major digital stores and streaming services.  The 7” single is limited to 300 copies and is distributed worldwide by Cargo Records. It is also available from www.happyrobots.co.uk.

1. Marsangst
2. Hex These Rules
3. Scratches en Série
4. Franmaster Glash

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