Live Review: Rachel Mason At LTD Los Angeles


by Eric Kochmer


A few weeks ago, we introduced you to performance artist-musician Rachel Mason, who premiered the new video for Tigers in the Dark during a live performance, called Enter Das Ram, at the spacious and prestigious LTD Los Angeles. This diverse concert featuring Haylee Nichele, Nora Quinn, Paris Hunter Paul, Chelsea Zeffiro, Linda Tabbouch, and Jeff Hassay, who also co-composed this soundtrack together with Rachel Mason and culminated in a set by one most famous DJs in the history of rock music – Rodney Bingenheimer a.k.a. “Rodney on the Roq” – all of this taking place on the very same Sunset Boulevard site that once was occupied by the infamous Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco. To make the evening all the more special, Dennis Hoekstra’s installation – a virtual reincarnation of the English Disco – was also incorporated into this performance.



Eric Kochmer, a local Los Angeles film screening expert, has reviewed this brilliant performance, especially for The Planet of Sound.

Enter Das Ram is Rachel Mason’s newest performance/theater piece. I know Rachel from the feature film she wrote/directed/starred-in/scored called ‘The Lives of Hamilton Fish’. All her work lends the feeling of what it would be like to be led through a Picasso painting with David Bowie whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

As an audience, we waited in a large art gallery for the show to start. When it did start we were ushered by performers holding lanterns. We then crowded into a cramped room where the performers stood above us and Rachel, with her face painted in white began singing above us almost like an angel of hell relaying a prophesy to come. A stirring video of her as the same character, accompanied her as she sang. We were then called by a haunting violin into the main space where a woman climbed on the wall and a man was turned into a wolf.

I know vaguely that this was about a werewolf. Could I tell you any more than a description of what I witnessed? No. Rachel Mason’s work isn’t about plot line’, and it’s not about character development. It’s about a stylized and haunting atmosphere with a tortured emotion running through a river of black blood. And I like it. Have a glimpse for yourself at some of the highlights:




Heart Explodes

Tigers in the Dark – featuring video projection by Matthew Spiegelman

Heaven- performed acoustically with Jeff Hassay playing guitar. It featured an impromptu walk-in by Rodney Bingenheimer

Rachel Mason’s next performance is on July 7 as Los Angeles’ Club Los Globos.

Again, this show features artists Haylee Nichele, Linda Tabbouch, and Chelsea Zeffiro. Rachel is headlining this event, with support from three L.A. bands – The Classical, Be Quiet, and Bible Study. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show begins at 8pm. 19+ show, $7 cover.

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