ODDITY (produced by Steve Albini) Share New Track ‘Settle Down’

ODDITY share new Steve Albini-produced track, Settle Down

Listen to Settle Down HERE

Debut album Settle Down out July 29 


Chicago trio ODDITY are gearing up to release their debut album ‘Settle Down’, produced by Steve Albini; before it lands however, you can check out the album’s title track HERE


Settle Down

The new album out July 29

“Wind me up, push me around, just don’t tell me to settle down.” That’s the sound of singer Oscar Baker’s voice as it pulsates through the title track of Chicago-based alt-rock trio ODDITY’s debut album, Settle Down. Guided by the prolific producer Steve Albini, who steers the band’s sound in line with his own masterful résumé, he pieces together the band’s understanding of their own history, while giving them space to envisage on their own where that history might lead them. “Why fly like a monster, when you’re moving like a dancer,” Baker sings as he inaugurates his listeners to these 11 tracks.

“It’s like having three people in the same body—that’s how connected we are in everything we do,” ODDITY’s Harvey Baker explains as he reveals details about the development process for the album. With squalling guitar riffs that recall the clang and electricity of Queens of the Stone Age and a collection of jammy nods to 70s classics by bands like Led Zeppelin, ODDITY brings a full armoury of noise which pours from the fingers and voices of all three members, creating a mesmeric rock cacophony.

Listen To ‘Settle Down’:

As two thirds of the band trace their genealogies back to the UK, it’s not surprising that songs like Ghost calls to mind the Arctic Monkeys at their most muscular. For those that run at a quicker gait, Pressure’s Gone channels Dave Grohl and his high energy, frenetic work with the Foo Fighters that gives listeners the feeling that they can conquer the world. The LP slows down with Rolling With The Punches, which combines the bucolic showmanship of Wilco with an intense, spiralling, power-grunge chorus.

ODDITY formed around January of 2012 under the name Fletcher and released two EP’s, Open Arms and Thundersteps, which helped to establish their serrated rock credibility with audiences and critics across the U.S. In the opening months of 2016, the trio decided to go in a different direction artistically, and this change in approach eventually prompted the name change. “We changed our name because we are reinventing our sound, so we’d thought we should reinvent ourselves,” frontman Oscar Baker elaborated.

Settle Down is due out July 29, 2016



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