Juniore’s Self-Titled Compilation Album Out Today via Burger Records!

Self-Titled Compilation Album
Released Today via Burger Records

Feat. Bonus Track “La Route

Watch “Je Fais Le Mort” Lyric Video

“…sounds just like it would feel to drive down a highway in 1960s France”
“…if a band could sound like a Jean-Luc Godard/Quentin Tarantino mash-up, you’d probably love it, right?”
“[her] melancholy voice pairs unnervingly (and deliciously) with the upbeat and driving 60s-esque music on display”
– Bitch Magazine

French garage/pop outfit Juniore have released their self-titled compilation album today on Burger Records via cassette and digital formats. The album contains six tracks from 2015’s acclaimed Marabout EP, four tracks from their first two 7″ releases + one bonus/previously unreleased song titled “La Route”.  Fusing ’60s influences (Nico meets Françoise Hardy), their work is at once haunting and rhythmic, propelled by sensual, reverb-drenched melodies.

Watch/Listen To ‘Je Fais Le Mort’:

Produced by Samy Osta (La Femme), the compilation is a mix of old school melodies and modern lyrics, filled with delight and melancholy. Frontwoman Anna Jean’s voice pulls us in to tell us stories of loveless mornings and sleepless nights, imaginary apocalypses, walks of shame, and unhappy endings.  Somewhere between Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns and urban adventures straight out of Nouvelle Vague films, Juniore stretches out time and space, both dark and light, tense and reassuring.

Track Listing
1. Christine
2. Dans le Noir
3. La Fin Du Monde
4. Marche
5. La Route
6. Mon Autre
7. Cavalier Solitaire
8. Je Fais Le Mort
9. Marabout
10. A La Plage
11. Animal

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