Michigan based Michigander releases debut single ‘Nineties’ today

Listen HERE

Available via iTunes

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The debut single from west Michigan based artist, Michigander will be released on April 29th, 2016. The debut track is titled ‘Nineties’ and will be available on all major music platforms from today. ‘Nineties’ is a song that romanticizes the memories of the 1990’s while glorifying the security of being with another person.

An underdog dream from an underdog state. The product of restless feet and the need to say something.

Michigander has been the toil and passion of Jason Singer since 2013. It’s being built in basements and churches and vans without mufflers. It’s living on stages, floors, and in studios—sounding big and packing light.Jason has played shows with artists like Kevin Garrett, Jacco Gardner, Caroline Smith, and Joe Hertler. He’s recorded sessions with Daytrotter and Real Feels. All while the band is still in its infancy.

Watch/Listen To ‘Nineties’ Video:

The song was recorded with Sam Ridgell at The Kitchen in Madison Heights, MI.

All instrumentation (besides horns and drums) were recorded by

Michigander frontman, Jason Singer. Jason plans to continue working in the studio through the summer in hope to release a mini-LP this fall, closer to thanksgiving.

‘Nineties’ is out now and available via iTunes


To celebrate the release, Michigander will be playing a headline show on Saturday April 30th in Grand Rapids, MI at The Pyramid Scheme. Ticket available at the door or online at fusionshows.com

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