Interview – Introducing Michigan Based Band ‘Michigander’

With the debut single called ‘Nineties’ being released on April 29th, Jason Singer from Michigan based band ‘Michigander’ was so kind to answer us a few questions about himself and the new release. 

Michigander are also playing their first gig as headliners on April 30th.

Check below for details

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Image by Jesse Speelman

Read the interview below:

Hi Jason. Thanks a lot for taking the time for this interview…..

First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a musician from Michigan.

I drive a lot. And I love GOOD tacos.

Actually I like most all tacos.

Who or what do you think contributed to you becoming a musician?

When I was 11 I found a guitar in my dads closet and I was really into it. All the people I looked up to played. They weren’t world famous people, but they were famous to me.

I wanted to be like them.

You’re from Kalamazoo, Michigan. What is it like? Anything that we should go and see while we’re there?

I’m actually from Midland, MI. But I spend a lot of time in Kalamazoo and I lived there for a year. Yeah! It’s a great city. Lots of raw and real people there. But there are a few gems:

Bells Brewery

Taco Bobs

Gallo Blanco

Alamo Drafthouse


What’s the music scene in Michigan like?

The music scene is weird here, and not weird in a bad way. It’s just very spread out. Each major city has its own little music-ecosystem. Unique from the other cities.

You can be really successful in Grand Rapids and have 0 people show up to show in Detroit.

Which track/artist gave you that “wow” kind of feeling?

Recently the song “Go Home” by Julien Baker has really hit me. It’s so great. Her whole album is great.

Any other artists that you would recommend?

Julien Baker


The National


Have you played in any other bands?

I play guitar for a band called Rival Summers. They’re based out of Detroit. I used to have a band in high school called “The Lights”. We were awful and we covered Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ting Tings songs.

So, what made you choose the name Michigander?

My friend Adam always tells me good band names he thinks of, and I really liked that one so I took and ran with it.

What can you tell us about your new single called ‘Nineties’? What is it about and how did you record it?

Yeah! Um, it’s my first legitimate/proper worldwide release. It’s the first song I’m really really proud of. It’s about how when I was a kid the world seemed a lot better.

I feel like now I’m so aware of how bad things are and how bad things are getting and it’s depressing.

I recorded the song with Sam Ridgell in metro Detroit. We recorded it over a day or two. It comes out April 29th

How would you describe your sound?

I often say it’s really hard soft rock.

But if I was to compare to other bands

I would say it’s similar to Death Cab/The National/or Coldplay, but not as good as any of those bands….yet!

What are your plans for future releases? Any albums/EP’s in the pipeline?

Well I have the single coming out next week and hopefully an album or EP later this year.

Any gigs planned for the future?

Yeah I have a big headline show in Grand Rapids at The Pyramid Scheme on April 30th and we’re playing with AWOLNATION and Milky Chance at Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing on July 5th.

What does the future hold for Michigander? 

Big things. Good things

Thanks Jason!

Michigander’s debut single ‘Nineties’ will be out on the 29th of April 


April 23 – The Warehouse – Marine City, MI HERE

April 30th –  The Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI ( Headliners)  HERE

July 05 – Adado Riverfront Park – Lansing, MI HERE



Website – Facebook – Twitter

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