Release – I Dare You To Be Real – A Tribute to Dark and Cold Sounds (compilation)

“I Dare You To Be Real – Underground Versions”

A Tribute To Dark & Cold Sounds

via Bunny Records


For the first week of April, Bunny Records organized an international collection in honor of the great hymns of the post-punk era, dark, coldwave and synth. Underworld bands emerge to support the tribute “I Dare You To Be Real – Underground Versions”, with bands like “This Cold Night” (USA),

“The Junkyard Liberty” (France), “Winteryard”, “Robsongs” (Brazil) and “Double Echo” (England) as well as many other bands in other countries who have contributed their versions of classic post-punk “Shoegaze”, “synth”, “minimal wave” versions of classic songs which can be found on this disc.

The cover design and photography used  “Coisas Que Pairam” over the image of the photographer ‘Ka Uziel’.

The release was on April 1, 2016, and is available for download from the Bunny Records BandCamp Page.

Listen below:

“The Junkyard Liberty”, “Robsongs” and “Spatial Relation” also appeared on a The Smiths tribute via “Bunny Records” in May 2015 in partnership with “The Blog que Celebrates Itself”.


This Cold Night (USA) 

Robsongs (Brazil) 

Spatial Relation (USA) 

Winteryard (Brazil) 

Cold Grey Rain (France) 

Double Echo (England) 

Mayflower Madame (Norway) 

The Junkyard Liberty (France)

Peine Perdue (France / Germany)



Facebook –


Disco I Dare You To Be Real – A Tribute to Dark & Cold Sounds (VA)

APRIL 1, 2016

Bunny Records


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