My Darling Fury Debuts Sparkling Video “AOK” on MTVU

My Darling Fury Debuts Sparkling Video


Aches EP out 4/8

“…a fantastic foray into the indie rock zone…” – Indie Shuffle

“It is definitely an exciting time for the trio, but it’s even more exciting for music fans ready to watch it all unfold.” – RVA Magazine


My Darling Fury have already wowed their hometown Richmond, VA, and now they’re  premiering their mesmerizing video for “AOK” on MTVU. Deeply personal, there is a bruised elegance, razor-sharp wit, and quirky theatricality about the music of My Darling Fury.  With a name that evokes thoughts of vulnerability wrapping its arms around unbridled rage, the indie pop trio of Todd Matthews, Joel Hollister and charismatic frontman Danny Reyes defies genre limitations with songs that celebrate the unpredictability of life and love. Following the release of their debut album Licking Wounds in 2013, the band returns with A/O/K, a record that continues to push their singular aesthetic in new and exciting directions.

Watch AOK:

“All relationships are based on some commonality. But some relationships share some toxic ground. “AOK” is based on one of those. Specifically, one centered on alcohol and drug use. It’s the point when one guy has decided that their partying is a slippery slope, but the other doesn’t know any other footing, “ the band says.

Defending the dark horse, embracing optimism, and staring into the eyes of adversity, My Darling Fury invite you to rewrite their future and yours.

“When we were writing the ACHES EP, we were all dealing and reflecting on the issue of substance abuse, either first hand or close to home. “AOK” is the track where we explore the subject as it relates to a relationship. We wanted it to embody the fun and chaos of it, to be spastic and then suddenly reflective. The video for AOK takes on the subject more symbolically. You’ve got two young skate boarders, one is alive and one is dead. But the dead one doesn’t know it and the living one is just starting to realize it. The moments they share are exciting and beautiful, but it can’t last.”

Be sure to vote for this captivating video on MTVU HERE.


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