Turn It Up To 11: Willie Mae Rock Camp Seeks Musical Artists To Join Mac Demarco, Harsh Crowd + Mal Devisa

Turn It Up To 11: This Gig is for the Girls
Calling all bands and musicians! Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls seeks musical artists to join indie rock hero Mac DeMarco, young rockers Harsh Crowd, and inimitable solo act Mal Devisa for Turn It Up To 11: This Gig is for the Girls, an innovative new fundraising campaign.

The campaign calls on musicians and performing artists to donate proceeds from one show in 2016 to Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, an award‐winning nonprofit music and mentoring program.

Unlike a benefit show, in this campaign, artists play one of their own shows ‐‐ whenever they want, wherever they want ‐‐ and by donating some or all of their earnings from the gig, they make it possible for more girls to start their own bands.

Proceeds from Turn It Up to 11 will go to rock camp’s Fairness Fund, which allows Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls (WMRC) to offer its Girls Rock! Camp and all of its’ award‐winning music and mentoring programs free of charge or with sliding scale tuition.

The campaign will take place throughout 2016. All musical artists welcome ‐‐ all genders, all genres, all ages, all nationalities, all locations. Donations of any size welcome.

Interested musical artists simply fill out this form to participate. Artists that provide information at least 30 days before their designated gig will receive promotional support from WMRC. All participating artists will be recognized on the organization’s website and social media.

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls empowers girls and women through music education, volunteerism, and activities that foster self‐respect, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. The organization offers summer day camps, after school programs, and community events in New York City. WMRC serves more than 500 girls from 58 NYC zip codes annually.

To join Turn It Up To 11, just fill out this form.

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