The Veldt Release Video for ‘Sanctified’, 1st Single from Coming EP

Legendary Alternative Soul Rockers The Veldt Release Video for

1st Single from Coming EP

With Danny’s enveloping hooks, Daniel’s swooning falsetto… the new songs invite paradoxical praise: serenely assaultive, vertiginously soothing – Mike Doherty, The Guardian

Their awesome wobbly psychy guitar music and from-the-heart soulful vocals are as wonderful as ever…myself and Robin Guthrie are just 2 screaming fans – Creation Records’ Founder Joe Foster


When the Chavis twins began making music in the 80s, they never imagined their path would lead them into the company of the likes of Cocteau Twins, A.R. Kane, Jesus & Marie Chain, and TV on the Radio, among many others. But here they are, after a 20+ year career, still putting out brilliant music. We present you the video for the first single ‘Sanctified’, created by NYC photographer Ed Marshall. The EP drops on April 8. Look forward to their Central Canadian tour in April and some east coast dates with the Brian Jonestown Massacre in May. 

Watch ‘Sanctified’:

1. Sanctified
2. In a Quiet Room
3. Token
4. One Day Out of Life
5. And It’s You


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