Austin, Texas Duo ‘Hovvdy’ Share Single ‘Problem’ From Upcoming Album ‘Taster’ Out On April 15th

Austin, Texas Duo ‘Hovvdy’ share single ‘Problem’ from upcoming album ‘Taster’  via a collaboration between Merdurhaus Records and Sports Day Records

Debut Album Taster out April 15th // SXSW + East Coast Tour 


Hovvdy came on unexpectedly. In the midst of all the noise there was a slow rumbling, a cool beat. Will Taylor and Charlie Martin began collaborating soon after they were introduced to each other at the end of 2014. As warm nights turned cold, their very first writing sessions were spent capturing confessions as iPhone memos, huddled together in the endless mid-afternoon daze. In these formative stages it was Will and Charlie’s background as drummers that established Hovvdy’s sound as a rhythmic platform which a melody could swim out of.  

Listen to ‘Problem’:

 Taking a step back from rougher recordings, Hovvdy borrowed and rented any equipment they could to cultivate their sound. Emerging slowly and thoughtfully, Hovvdy self-recorded their debut album Taster in numerous homes and spaces across Texas. The result was a more direct record, where melancholia grabs your attention in a less conventional way. Moving away from straightforward composition and guitar rock, Hovvdy challenged themselves to carve out a space where their music can experiment with traditional tenderness.

Refocusing the lens of adulthood, Taster channels the harshness and the softness of their experiences and expresses it through contemporary alt-rock and outsider pop. Waves of melodies, coated in unassuming emotion, surge from textured electronic tracks such as ‘Pretend’ and ‘Try Hard’. Whilst the underlining closeness of the duo’s alternating vocals remain in the sullen  ‘Problem’ and invigorating ‘Meg’. Hovvdy make music that swells like faded memories. Distant and dreamy but clear.

Tour Dates:

March 16th-19th – SXSW Austin, TX
April 5th – Nashville, TN
April 6th – Athens, OH
April 7th – Oberlin, OH
April 8th – Philadelphia, PA
April 9th – New York, NY
April 10th – Brooklyn, NY
April 11th – Washington, DC
April 12th – Richmond, VA
April 13th – Athens, GA
April 14th – New Orleans, LA
April 15th – Austin, TX

Instagram – @hovvdy

Twitter – @sportsdayrec // @merdurhaus

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