Melbourne Based ‘Ambrose Sunshine’ Shares New Track ‘It’s All For You’ + Free Download

Melbourne based electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist ‘Ambrose Sunshine’ unveils new track ‘It’s All For You’ now available as a free download


Ambrose Sunshine is a talented 25-year-old electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia. What Ambrose Sunshine brings is an amazing crossbreed of electronica with indie undertones to his musical style; Melbourne’s Ambrose Sunshine embodies the new decade’s freeform, no boundaries, no method electronic sound.

From one genre to another he is able to seamlessly float between all types of electronic music, from Indie Rock to chillwave and post modern style indie electronica with his tracks ‘It’s All For You, This Boys Gotta Fly, Weapons Of Mass Creation, My Unpolished Gem, Mumma Ket & Street Music.

His new track ‘It’s All For You’ is a beautiful blend of enchanting harmonies, catchy melodies and is a seamless blend between chillwave and indie electronica.

Listen to ‘It’s All For You:

Ambrose Sunshine’s musical influences include Jesse Davidson, Tame Impala, Chet Faker, Flume, Sticky Fingers, Ratatat, Rufus and not to mention his biggest influence to date, his father Costantino Nappo whom regularly lends a hand on shredding the guitar in some of the tracks.

Transcending genres and captivating the listener with his tight melodies, complex and emotive harmonies and incredibly catchy vocals, toying with their senses almost effortlessly, his sound is a seamless bridge between the aural and the emotional.

No doubt, this is what good music is about; a synergy between the body, mind, and soul as the music resonates throughout.

Although he was classically trained in piano, Ambrose Sunshine has been experimenting with a multitude of instruments to further his sound. He has gathered ideas and inspiration from many different producers & composers. Ambrose Sunshine is truly a musician with a bottomless well of originality and creativity.


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