The Planet Of Sound – End Of Week Playlist #6

Hey There Everyone,

We have another, most incredible new ‘End Of Week Playlist’ for you, and we hope you will like listening to it as much as we do. It’s a mix from all the great music we’ve received and features a fairly diverse spectrum.

But anyway…here’s the new playlist! Enjoy!

Future Elevators   –  Machine Maker

Caveman  –  Never Going Back

Mt. Wolf  –  Anacrusis

Wray  –  Pined

The Veldt  –  Sanctified

Future Elevators  –  Alabama Song

Bloodhounds On My Trail  –  She’s In My Plans

Novah   –  Revolution

Private Island  – Drugs

The Vryll Society  –  Self Realization

Native People  –  Don’t Save Me

The Zolas  –  Get Dark

Viola Beach  –  Swings & Waterslides 

MOTHXR  –  She Can’t Tell

Seprona  –  Trap Door

Sleeplust  –  My Place

Meter Bridge  –  It Was Nothing

High Violet  –  Only Heart

Nicky Davey  –  Been Lovin’ You

The Orielles  –  Jobin

Bentcousin  –  Everything Is Everything

Ask For Joy  –  Pinprick Eyes

Darla And The Blonde  –  End Of The Party

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