Ask For Joy Debuts ‘Pinprick Eyes’ single from New LP

Ask For Joy Share Single ‘New Private Window’ out via 

Infinitely Recursive Records

Release: 14 March 2016

Texas’ Ask For Joy Presents First Single ‘Pinprick Eyes’ from ‘New Private Window’ LP

FOR FANS OF: Cheatahs, Catherine Wheel, Title Fight, Chapterhouse, Jesus & Mary Chain, Presents For Sally

LEAD TRACKS: Lovers Interred, Pinprick Eyes, Slow Kiss, When Your Heart Stops Beating, Sugar Coma

“Just the right dose of reverberation for a track that seems perfectly hybrid between indie pop and shoegaze” – The Record Stache

“A windswept sonic island within a sea of reverberating melodic joy. A merry dance through golden peaks & troughs, stuffed full of shimmering layered reverb drenched guitars!” – Primal Music Blog 

“Gives rise to a sweet euphoria. This single shows Ask For Joy to be a clever, calculated ambassador of gaze” – The Sound of Confusion

“Full­bodied reverb over pop­perfect drum machines and gorgeous harmonies… daydream ­induced escapism” When The Sun Hits

“Dream pop of the highest category… Ask for Joy shows that the dream world is eternal” – The Blog That Celebrates Itself

Ask For Joy has released the first single ‘Pinprick Eyes’ from the forthcoming LP ‘New Private Window’. This highly anticipated 7-track album maintains a tradition this artist has become well known for, with walls of shimmering reverb-drenched guitars, endearing vocals and expansive harmonic melodies.

Listen To ‘Pinprick Eyes’:

Founded in 2005, Ask For Joy is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Aaron Rossetto. Based in Austin, Texas, artists like himself and Ringo Deathstarr are putting this city on the shoegaze map.

Combining the fuzzy warm shoegaze of Slowdive with the raw sonic power of bands like Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, Ask For Joy manages to create a divine cacophony of what can literally be called beautiful noise. This new album shines a light into a slightly darker corners of the mind through the themes it explores.

“It’s fair to say that the material on New Private Window tends to the seedier side: the lighter and darker sides of substance abuse; a couple’s murder-suicide; sexually suggestive expressions of love and desire. These are the types of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that one might want to keep hidden from friends or loved ones, tucked safely deep within the darkest reaches of the individual,” explains Aaron Rossetto.

“New Private Window explores these stories often kept secret. The title refers to the option in modern Web browsers that starts an untracked session, leaving no search or site traces behind for others to discover. Building up layers of guitar tracks, synthesizers, and thick choir-like background vocals gives the songs on the EP a sense of impenetrability and shelter from prying eyes (or ears) – in much the same way as, say, opening a private browser window would do.”

Inspired by the Phil Spector “wall of sound” style production fuzzy, pitch-bent, all-enveloping guitar-driven sound, as seen in Jesus and Mary Chain recordings, and equally by the poppy, harmony-laced sensibilities of the Beach Boys, this music fuses the rawness of the DIY esthetic with atmospheric waves of sound. The output is a lush textured and dreamy style of pop music.

‘New Private Window’ is preceded by eight other EPs, seven of which were released on Rossetto’s own Infinitely Recursive Records imprint, along with several singles. Ask for joy is also featured on numerous shoegaze compilation albums, including several in Japan.


The lead single ‘Pinprick Eyes’ is being offered as a free download via the artist’s Bandcamp at, whetting the appetite for the forthcoming album. You can catch the full LP here too in early March as well as standard platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Watch/Listen to ‘Euphoric’ and ‘To-Night’ and ‘Summercrush’:


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