London Singer-Songwriter ‘John Parry’ Shares New Single ‘Enough’ From Upcoming Debut EP

East London singer-songwriter John Parry has announced the release of his self-produced EP, ‘Enough’, out March 4th. ‘Enough’ marks the debut release from the 18-year-old former winner of the XLP Arts Showcase


The EP is preceded by the supremely moody lead single and title track ‘Enough’ and will feature three other newly penned songs. It is pervaded by Parry’s personality and nerve: unafraid to tell his uncensored story. ‘Do’ with its broodingly infectious ‘All I Wanna Do Is Her’ refrain for example. The songs are inspired by real-life experiences and his blunt lyrics provocatively convey the messages of a young man exploring life, love, relationships and his surroundings.

Watch ‘Enough’:

Parry’s charismatic voice and warped love stories have paved the way for an ascent into the limelight as his fanbase swells after each landmark performance which has now included London’s Lovebox and supporting Fismoll at The Garage. After his initial success, Parry continued to build on the momentum with the releases ‘Dirty’, ‘Love Drunk Punch’ and ‘Druggie’. On ‘Druggie’ Parry occupies a darker mind-set in a universe that is explored further in ‘Enough’ – a universe that reflects his upbringing in East London.

Parry’s love for music is self-discovered, and whilst his lyrics are set in the same teenage diary tone as The Streets, the backdrop is the folksy tone of his guitar. In his adolescence, Parry grew fond of rugby and boxing, which has subtly influenced his image, while his acoustic sound and smooth tenor trill put him closer to the likes of Ben Howard and Jack Garratt.


New Single ‘Enough’ Is Available via iTunes

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