Bentcousin Share Single ‘Everything is Everything’ Ahead Of Debut Album Release on Feb 19th

Brighton Based Twins ‘Bentcousin’ Share new single ‘Everything Is Everything’

and premiere their cover of the Dinosaur Jr classic Freak Scene.

“Bentcousin swap the slacker tornado indie rock guitars of the original and perform laid back synths, beats and blips under a disco ball that breaths new life into the song.  It’s so different from the original that it’s practically a new song.” – Netsounds (about ‘Freak Scene’ Cover)


After an EP and a few singles, Bentcousin are now releasing their official debut album on Team Love on the 19th of February 2016.

I had the pleasure of listening to the album, and if you like to listen to a variety of genres, then this album is definitely for you. The album starts quite innocently with some indie tunes followed by synth style disco popesque (is that a word?) tracks, only to find you listening to a disco version of ‘Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr.

Amelia’s and Pat’s voices, and their tongue in cheek lyrics, just whisk you along perfectly only to find you listening to more 80s style jingly jangly indie tunes with a 60s beat thrown into the mix. Even the slower, pretty numbers, make perfect sense midway through. ‘Everything is Everything’ reminded me of a slightly poppier version of ‘Crystalised’ by The xx.  The album ends with a brilliant track which saw them collaborating with punk legend and founding member of The Clash, Keith Levine. All in all, I think the album really shows their versatility and I might like to call it “sophisticated easy listening”. Furthermore, it’s all brilliantly arranged and I’m sure this will definitely find them a growing fanbase.

Listen to Everything Is Everything:

Bentcousin’s self-titled album—their first full-length release— is out February 19, 2016.



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