TĀLĀ: Dazed 100 & VEVO DSCVR 2016 Emerging Act, ‘Malika’ EP w “Wolfpack Ft. BANKS Crosses 2.5M Streams (Out Now)


Selected as 2016 VEVO DISCVR “Ones-To-Watch” Emerging Artist

WATCH: TĀLĀ perform “Praise” Live via VEVO DSCVR

Featured As Dazed 100 Breaking Artist 2016



The Definitive List Of 100 Visionary Talents Shaping Youth Culture Today

From Dazed Media, in collaboration with Calvin Klein


“Fearlessness characterizes TĀLĀ’s sound; a melting pot of electro, R&B, and Middle Eastern influences” – Dazed

TĀLĀ’s music paints a picture of the mind of an extremely 21st century individual: plugged into their cultural heritage, into a global perspective, and into just about every device they can get their hands on.” – FADER

“Aromatic and bombastic” – i-d

Critically Acclaimed MALIKA EP Out Now

Featuring The Hit Single “Wolfpack” Ft. BANKS

2.6 Million EP Streams Across Platforms So Far

Listen/Share via Spotify

With her globalized blend of effervescent daydream pop British-Iranian talent TĀLĀ has been selected as a  2016 VEVO DSCVR Emerging Artist and named a Dazed 100 2016 Breaking Artist. Fans can up-vote for TĀLĀ in the #Dazed100 here. The coveted accolade is awarded to those artists who are redefining style and youth culture in 2016 and beyond.

TĀLĀ – which means “gold” in her family’s native Farsi – is the musical identity of the 26-year-old London-based producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist powerhouse. Drawing influence from her multi-ethnic roots and infusing her inherent digital nativism with a global perspective is what makes TĀLĀ is a musical tour de force.

Her most recent critically acclaimed MALIKA EP (out now via Sony) has been streamed more than 2.6 Million times across platforms, driven by the potent lead single “Wolfpack ft. BANKS)”. Featuring intercontinental collaborators from around the world, including Egyptian rappers Sadat and Alaa Fifty on “Enta Ayez (You Wish)”, K-Pop stars WA$$UP on “Tell Me (말해줘)” w/ Mssingno ft. WA$$UP, and London electronic duo Sylas on the track “Praise”, TĀLĀ’s most recent MALIKA EP showcases a sonic eclecticism sourced globally but born online.

TĀLĀ’s breakout came with 2014’s The Duchess which landed her a record deal with Brixton-based label Aesop. It was an EP of largely instrumental music that was complex, but still beautiful, jumping from idea to idea like a beat tape might. “I always wanted the first stuff I put out to be more production heavy” she says now. “I wanted to bring through the vocal-driven music more slowly”. That combination came together later in 2014 with the Alchemy EP, the name itself a nod to her unique fusion of styles.

Stay tuned for more info on TĀLĀ as she gears up for more in 2016!

Malika EP: Track Listing

1. Tell Me feat. Mssingo & Wa$$up

2. Wolfpack feat. BANKS

3. Enta Ayez (You Wish) feat. Sadat & Alaa Fifty

4. Passport Pimpin’

5. As I Am (Oldugum Gibi) feat. Atiye

6. Praise feat. Sylas

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