Novah Kick Start 2016 With Stunning New Track ‘Revolution’

Novah kick start 2016 with stunning new track ‘Revolution’ 



“From the opening bars of the track, the guitar notes used ebb softly with the falsetto-assisted harmonies, and, as you take in each haunting chord, you can almost feel the sweeping Scandinavian vistas that are intrinsically bound in the music.” – Hillydilly

Today marks the return of Swedish based group Novah with their stunning new single ‘Revolution’. After releasing the internationally well-received ‘Robot’ last year – a track that has now surpassed 100k streams on Spotify – Novah immediately starting focusing their minds on a debut EP.

Despite the vast amount of incredible studios in the Stockholm area they decamped to an island called Yxlan for the recording process. Setting up their own home studio allowed them the isolation needed to engrave a greater sense of atmosphere into their songs. The band had a collection of tracks they wanted to try out but leaving Stockholm they had no clear idea of what the record was going to sound like, just a specific conviction of the direction Novah wanted to pursue. The desolate and disconnected house provided them with the perfect flat form to try out their own form of Local Natives, M83 & The Verve inspired indie.

Speaking on ‘Revolution’ the group said  “The chorus was initially recorded as a demo in 2014, with only guitars and vocals. We discovered it during the summer of 2015 and completed the song. It was a breaking point for us in the process of writing the new material, as it set the whole identity of the EP.”

Listen to ‘Revolution’:

Debut EP ‘Alaska’ will be released this spring.

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