The Mining Co. Unveil ‘Country Heart’ From Upcoming Debut AlbumOut 11th March

New alt-folk / Americana artist The Mining Co. due to release debut album

“Burning Sun & The Atomic Powers Within” coming out 11th March


The Mining Co. offer up a luxuriously produced and heartfelt collection with their debut album “Burning Sun & The Atomic Powers Within”. The album, like its title, is an intriguing set of deep songs which have a wonderfully loose analogue band feel, led by enigmatic London-based musician Michael Gallagher’s voice and songwriting at the forefront.

With the mantra “my country heart, was yours from the start”,  the opening track sets the scene for an album of addictive melodies that wouldn’t be out of place in the classic Laurel Canyon era nor beside the likes of later US alt-folk legends like Will Oldham, Jason Molina and Mark Kozelek.

The listener may also feel solemn wintery London under-pinning the songs, the rustic shuffle of Gallagher’s Irish roots and a subtle European heat, having been co-produced by Gallagher in Spain with legendary impresario Paco Loco. Gallagher’s songs breathe with their own poignant moods and stories through the palette of those influences and there’s both a fragile intimacy and richness in the production which gives these songs a wide-screen quality and yet allows them to speak straight to the heart.

Songs like “Cover Of Night” with lush organ and “Keep On Rollin’” filled with string backdrops and harmonies instantly please whilst “Lonesome Bird” with its hypnotic banjo and distant distorted electric guitar and “Shoot The Stars” with its almost Johnny Cash-style sadness plumb darker depths of melancholy. All eight tracks on offer here are immediately familiar though bare repeating for a worthwhile unravelling of layer upon layer of depth, growth and warmth which allow their own individual nuances with Gallagher at the helm to show just how to pull off a rare feeling of timelessness which is so hard to come by and something all music lovers long for, the classic album.

Listen To ‘Country Heart’:

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