Adult Bodies (Steven Wilkin Of Sun Drug) Share New Track ‘Ghosting’ feat. Beca

Adult Bodies Release New Track ‘Ghosting’ featuring Beca, ahead of upcoming Debut EP

Solid Colors : Modern Lives which will be released in early 2016


Adult Bodies, originally a solo side project of Sun Drug Vocalist, Steven Wilkin, was given new life this past year through a synchronistic move which brought him together with young up and coming producer Matthew Kiernan. Together in Steven’s home studio loft, their contrasting styles and musical backgrounds launched the project into new realms of electronica, crossing many sub-genres of dance music and indie.

Adult Bodies debut EP, ‘Solid Colors : Modern Lives’, is expected early 2016. Their sound features melodic vocals over dark heavy synths, and driving beats. Moving forward, Adult Bodies will be preparing their live performance. More releases to be announced soon.

Listen To ‘Ghosting (feat. Beca):


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