Italian Shoegazers ‘Electric Floor’ Share Single ‘My Bloody G.’

Electric Floor Share New Single ‘My Bloody G.’


Electric Floor are an Italian band founded around 2009 with the mission to express themselves through the power of music.

During the past few years they have released two self-produced albums  called “300” and “Falsità reali”. These albums were recorded at the Picicca Recording Studio in Cosenza, Italy and co-produced by Dario Brunori.

After a Haddaway cover version of ‘What Is Love’, which was recorded at “The Box Studio” in Cosenza, Italy and which was released in the Summer of 2013, the band decided to change direction and to embrace a more electronic sound.

In October 2014, Electric Floor released “Your Blue“, which was a home recorded single with the help of two friends: Alessandro Mazzotta and Gianluca Gallo.

In July 2015, current single “My Bloody G.” was released. This new single was recorded and mixed by Alberto La Riccia at the “Echo Mobile Studio“, and it represents an important breakthrough for the band. In just a few months the song received an intensive amount of radio attention in many countries across the world, interviews soon followed and the band received very positive feedback.

More updates soon to follow!

Listen To ‘My Bloody G.’:

Live Gigs:

January 23rd – Sat 22:00 in UTC+01:

Electric Floor Live @ La Pecora Nera 23|01|2016

January 29th – Fri 22:00 in UTC+01:

Electric Floor Live @ Garden Pub 29|01|2016

January 30th – Sat 22:00 in UTC+01:



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