Captain Cuts Share Mixtape ‘If You’re Listening It’s Never Too Late’

Emo Night L.A. DJs combine pop with punk on ‘If You’re Listening It’s Never Too Late’


Emo Night L.A. brings out the scene nostalgia in all of its attendees, especially its regular DJ crew, Captain Cuts. The trio of Ben Berger, Ryan McMahon and Ryan Rabin spend the majority of their time writing for pop artists like Halsey and Walk the Moon, but since they’ve become involved with Emo Night (a.k.a. Taking Back Tuesday), Captain Cuts have gone back to their high school roots and are now releasing their debut emo mixtape, If You’re Listening It’s Never Too Late. Stream the mixtape below and download it for free here.

(via Rolling Stone)

Produced + Mixed by Captain Cuts
Powered by Neon Gold


*edit: I suppose the SoundCloud link was taken down due to the usual (youknowwhat). I’ll keep the original post as it is anyway.

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