Canadian synthwave duo Meter Bridge reveals their 2015 picks

Meter Bridge’s Discoveries of 2015


We’ve had our eye on a west coast Canadian duo called Meter Bridge ever since they dropped their LP ‘Slow Motion’ earlier this year, and just before the launch of their new single (more information coming soon), we are squeezing in a playlist from them in order to introduce you all to a wealth of artists and artistry not usually covered by this blog. Comfortably immersed in the international synthpop, new wave and electronic communities, we figured we could use their guidance on this matter. On that note, we present you Meter Bridge’s playlist “Meter Bridge’s Discoveries of 2015” and accompanying message to readers of The Plant of Sound.

This year has been marvelous for Meter Bridge.  Hot on the heels of our debut release we introduced our first full length album, “Slow Motion”. We had loads of interviews, reviews and radio play.  Thanks to our friends and collaborators, our music has been heard, creating a loving fanbase across the globe.  We have big plans for 2016 including another album with a live show to support our voracious recording appetite.  Stay tuned for some exciting new collaborations and some videos that will visually enhance the unmistakable Meter Bridge sound.

This playlist just scratches the surface of the musical realms we have been exploring this year.  We are huge music fans and we love to share our excitement for new tunes.  Many of these artists are people we have interacted with or hope to meet someday.  We hope you enjoy this carefully arranged sound experience ranging from synthpop to indie folk, culminating in a lovely ambient drift.  Best wishes from us to you!

Listen To “Meter Bridge’s Discoveries of 2015”:

SoundCloud Link:

Find Meter Bridge at:


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