The Planet Of Sound – End Of Year Playlist 2015!

End Of Year Playlist

Hey there Everybody.

We’ve set ourselves the almost impossible task to present you our ‘End Of Year Playlist 2015’. It hasn’t been easy, but in the end we’ve decided to include bands and artists who have either impressed us the most with their music, those of you who we’ve had the most contact with, and the ones who were kind enough to take some time for an Interview. The playlist could’ve been extended, but we hope you forgive us for leaving your music out this time.

We would also like to take the opportunity here as well, to thank Shauna from Ummagma, Shameless Promotion and Raphalite Records for her continued support throughout the year and for letting us know about all the great artists she represents. We’ve also featured some great guest playlists for Rodney Cromwell HERE, My Cruel Goro HERE and Real Experts HERE.

There’s still two more to come, but this will be revealed very soon.

Thanks a lot again for the playlists, we really appreciate it.

But to keep this short (ish)….Thanks a lot to all the people for sending us your music. The big name artists and the up and coming ones. We feel very honoured that you chose The Planet Of Sound to feature you and your artists. We wish we would have the time to feature all of you though, BUT it’s always worth sending a little reminder if we missed the opportunity (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Here’s ‘The Planet Of Sound End Of Year Playlist 2015’:

The List Includes:

  1. Keiandra – Wanted
  2. Bloodhounds On My Trail – Jolly
  3. mattpondPA – Take Me With You (Acoustic)
  4. Over Sands – New Year
  5. Tuska – Fine
  6. Future Elevators – Modern World
  7. Octave Minds – In Silence
  8. Kevin Garrett – Refuse
  9. Tummetott & Oscar B – Andante
  10. Matthew And Me – Kitsune
  11. Estrella Oscura – Beyond Within
  12. Tearjerker – Perfect
  13. Ummagma – Lama (Malcolm Holmes’ OMD Remix)
  14. Rodney Cromwell – Black Dog 
  15. The Slow Readers Club – Plant The Seed
  16. Karmin – Didn’t Know You
  17. The Mynabirds – Semantics
  18. ESKA – Shades Of Blue
  19. CocoRosie – Lost Girls
  20. Real Experts – My Love Is Nothing More Than This (feat. Eden)
  21. Lights That Change – Starlight
  22. Little Fevers – Bones
  23. Low – What Part Of Me
  24. Jack + Eliza – Quarter Past The Hour
  25. Sandy’s – Consolidated Identity
  26. Israel Nash – Strangers
  27. Austin Plaine – Hard Days
  28. Jimmy & The Revolvers – The Morning Paper
  29. Hunck – I’ll Wait
  30. Swerve – Remedy
  31. The Vryll Society – Coshh
  32. My Cruel Goro – Clash
  33. Stella Diana – Shohet
  34. YAK – NO
  35. The Mars King Tapes – Cracked Stones On Memory Lane
  36. Scary Drugs – Tribeamcannon
  37. CRUISR – Throw Shade
  38. Maudlin Strangers – Gingerale
  39. Sharer – Into This Love
  40. Felix Da Housecat – Is Everything OK? 
  41. Printz Board & The Boardmembers – F’N A
  42. Kojey Radical – Blind Eye with Frank Gamble
  43. French Horn Rebellion – Play Your Part feat. Spencer Ludwig
  44. Hologram Teen – Tracksuit Minotaur
  45. Bikini Kill – Playground

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