Kojey Radical and Frank Gamble Release New Track ‘Blind Eye’




A unique display of social commentary in favour of human compassion, Kojey Radical has never been one to shy away from speaking out in a way that connects with a new generation of listeners. Joined this time by the enigmatic Frank Gamble who produced and features on the record, Blind Eye provides a sound bed of cultural back breaking drums, cinematic synths and infectious groove inducing piano chords, juxtaposing Kojey’s vivid poetical portrait of injustices suffered in the middle east and other neglected parts of the world.

Blind Eye connects in an instant and continues to grow more melodic and insightful upon every listen. Kojey offers a perspective inspired by empathy and understanding speaking directly to the listener.

Listen to ‘Blind Eye’:

“Prayer for the lost ones, tweets for the victims. I could see it all when I listened, smoke choked to silence.“

Every line paints a picture. Blind Eye does not choose sides but rather encourages us to look to each other for better understanding of humanity, breaking issues down to our most basic needs and instincts. Love, Power and Survival.

“The artists I love and respect are the ones that painted a picture of the times they live in. I think it’s easy to sometimes forget the power and effect of music. The injustices suffered in the world can often make you feel helpless and I’ve always felt I could do more with my artistry. I’m thankful I grew up in such a melting pot of culture because it allowed me to listen and learn and appreciate different perspectives. I wanted to put a sense of compassion in my art and give something for all generations to listen and appreciate 

Frank Gamble and I simply invite you all to love, overall.” – Kojey Radical.

After much anticipation, Kojey Radical is ready to reveal his official second EP following the acclaimed Dear Daisy : Opium project will out February 2016 and is currently titled 23 WINTERS. 

“It’s been two years since my last project and I’m thankful and appreciative for everything it accomplished.

I didn’t think it would take me this long to put out another project but I like to give my music room to grow and resonate… and I had a lot of living to do but I’m ready now. This project will encapsulate my growth into a young man turning 23 and how each year made my outlook on life a little colder. It really centres around the conversations and advice I’d receive from my dad and is easily my most honest work to date.”

Kojey has just announced his next headline show which will take place on January 28th at Oslo, Hackney accompanied by Lily Mercer of Rinse FM/Beats1, Rising dynamic hip hop duo 808INK and the incredible singer songwriter Bobii Lewis with tickets now on sale.

TICKET LINK : http://www.gigsandtours.com/event/kojey-radical/oslo/927889


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