Real Experts – Best of 2015-Guest playlist for The Planet of Sound

Expert Selection – Best of 2015 by Real Experts

Guest playlist for The Planet of Sound


We’ve chosen a special 2015 playlist for The Planet Of Sound, featuring many of those that have helped make the year so special.

It’s been a momentous time for us, in the build up to ‘The Trade Off’ album release we had the single releases of ‘Lemon Is Lemon’ and ‘My Love Is Nothing More Than This’ and ‘Don’t Stay’, following up last year’s ‘Disco Tears’.

We’ve been very lucky to be featured and played on so many radio shows in 2015, in particular Synthesize Me with Oren Amram, Electronic Transmissions, #WEATNU, and The Johnny Normal Radio Show, we’re grateful every single time one of our tracks has airplay.

Alongside that we’ve had our most successful period of live shows, culminating in the Hot Chip afterparty and then an amazing night with Night Club and Vile Electrodes.

An extra special thank you to the guest vocalists that have worked with us, please check them all out… Daniel Angelus, Vivian Marie, Eden, Mike Burnett, Mimisinga and Patrick Barclay.

Thank you friends and fellow artists for all your support, and for providing amazing music yourselves. We’ve had to rely on the tracks you have posted on Soundcloud, we would recommend everyone in the world investigates all your music in its entirety!

Stay tuned in 2016 for even more Real Expertise with the forthcoming singles, ‘Apart Is Still Enough’ featuring CountessM and ‘Laser Me To Heaven’ featuring Strobegirl.

And we are also taking submissions for our RealMix album.

Keep it real…

EXPERT SELECTION – BEST OF 2015 includes music from:

Real Experts, Tame Genius, Night Club, Rodney Cromwell, Strobegirl, Vile Electrodes, Nature Of Wires, CountessM, Bear Feathers, MY.COSMO, Deutsche Bank, Vague Notion, Tenek, EMT, Ummagma, Rroyce, Rare Facture, Tiny Magnetic Pets, Meter Bridge, Ezaro, Johnny Normal, Lunar Twin, Heliophile, A Copy For Collapse, Parralox, The Department, Dakota, Brainvoyager, People Theatre, Lucky+Love, Hawley Hartley, WANT/ed, Eloquent, Stefan Kashammer, DJ Oren Amram, Nordika, xParadox, Ruined Conflict, Victoria Elizabeth Bourdeau, Microvolt, Vanguard, Sky High Diamonds


Thank you Andrew. We really appreciate it!

Please also read the interview we did with Andrew Maley HERE

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