JJ Rosa Unveils Heartfelt Video For “Where Is The Mercy”



The track, “Where Is The Mercy” came about after the Paris attacks as JJ herself explains below:

““The recent tragic events in Paris have upset me deeply, the massacre at the Bataclan Club of a young audience enjoying our common bond of music is incomprehensible to me. So, in reflection of this, I don’t feel it appropriate to release my song “Tonight” at such a time and have instead decided to share a song I hold close to my heart, “Where is the Mercy?”. I had written this song as a response to the many world tragedies that continually unfold however, in the wake of the Paris attack, it feels more relevant than ever to share this song as the sentiment is particularly poignant.”

Proceeds from the song will be donated to the official fundraising body.

The track is released on 11th December to coincide with JJ Rosa’s show at Cargo- Find the flyer below.



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