Practical Lovers Share New ‘Textbook Romance’ Video

New ‘Textbook Romance’ video from fine melancholy-indie-synth purveyors Practical Lovers

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On the week of their debut LP release ‘Agony’ (27th Nov), fine purveyors of melancholy-synth-indie Practical Lovers have just unveiled this infectious new track with a scrapbook style video for ‘Textbook Romance’.

Watch ‘Textbook Romance’:

Here’s what lead vocalist Jack has to say about the track:

“It’s a cry for a romance which skips all the game playing and second guessing so often found in modern courting, and hopes to find something more straightforward and honest.  The dry delivery on this song reflects how flat and unexciting a relationship like this might be if it was ever to materialise!”

Live shows:



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