OCTAVE MINDS (Boys Noize + Chilly Gonzales) share free BitTorrent bundle of first ever live concert + new SCNTST remix

Octave Minds (Boys Noize and Chilly Gonzales) share free BitTorrent bundle
download HERE

First live show at an abandoned NSA listening station at Teufelsberg in 

+ bonus new SCNTST remix “Symmetry Slice”

Octave Minds Share Berlin 2015 Live Bundle

Boys Noize and Chilly Gonzales performing together as Octave Minds release concert album recorded in a post-war Berlin abandoned US spy station.

Industrial electronic meets virtuoso instrumentation in Octave Minds, a collaboration between prolific German producer Boys Noize and GRAMMY-winning pianist Chilly Gonzales. In 2014, the duo released their much-lauded self-titled debut album, including Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment on “Tap Dance” here.

In September, they played their first show in Berlin in the iconic, geodesic-domed Cold War ruins of Teufelsberg, accompanied by Kaiser Quartett and Stella Le Page.

Today, everyone can listen in. Grab the Octave Minds: Live at Teufelsberg Berlin 2015 Bundle, and download the full live set HERE.  Enter your email to unlock an exclusive bonus SCNTST remix “Symmetry Slice” and digital booklet of the event.

Octave Minds: Live at Teufelsberg Berlin 2015

Instant Download / Stream
01 Symmetry Slice (Live) [Audio]
02 Anthem (Live) [Audio]
03 Initials KK (Live) [Audio]
04 Together vs. Europe (Mashup) (Live) [Audio]
05 You Can Dance (Live) [Audio]
06 In Silence (Live) [Audio]
07 Done Deal (Live) [Audio]
08 Bittersuite (Live) [Audio]
09 The Grudge (Live) [Audio]
10 Knight Moves (Live) [Audio]
11 Never Stop (Live) [Audio]

Email Unlock
01 Octave Minds: Symmetry Slice (SCNTST Remix) [Audio] *EXCLUSIVE
02 Live at Teufelsberg, Berlin 2015 Digital Booklet [Art]


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