Keiandra Reveals Stunning Debut Single ‘Wanted’

Emerging Singer-Songwriter Keiandra Reveals Exquisite Debut Single ‘Wanted’

Listen here


Keiandra unveils mesmerising debut track ‘Wanted’

Emerging singer-songwriter Keiandra has revealed her stunning debut single Wanted. The track is the first to be taken from her debut EP Empty Palaces due for release early next year and serves as the perfect introduction to the 18-year-old’s sumptuous sound and heartfelt lyrics which are sure to earn her plenty of plaudits.

Drawing off post-rock influences as well as a nod to alt-folk acts including Marika Hackman, Keiandra’s mature songwriting and expansive, poignant soundscapes are impressively confident for her age but very delicate in nature. Wanted showcases her clever use of lyrics, filling you with intrigue whilst her haunting and ethereal voice whisks you away on a wonderfully atmospheric journey.

Listen To ‘Wanted’:

Keiandra’s Wanted is released today and is now available to purchase on  iTunes and Spotify.

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