Ummagma Share Malcolm Holmes (OMD) remix for new track ‘Lama’ From Upcoming ‘Frequency’ EP

Ummagma share Malcolm Holmes (OMD) remix for new track ‘Lama’ taken from upcoming ‘Frequency’ EP, involving members of Cocteau Twins, OMD, Lights That Change


“This is really very cosmic music. Made of stardust. I particularly like Ummagma, whose magical sounds will touch you or you have no heart!” – Joe Foster (Creation Records)

“Ummagma are at the forefront of new shoegaze and dreampop… lifts you gently weightless into orbit, suspended in a sea of twinkling synthesizer stars…a first class ticket into hyperspace” – UK producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Lords of Acid)

“A nice slice of electronic pop with a psych folk twist” – Ray Dickaty (Spiritualized)

Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma have confirmed details for the UK release of their EP ‘Frequency’. This mini-album will be available through Raphalite Records and is slated for release on November 13th. Alongside five original tracks, the EP features remixes from Cocteau Twins legend Robin Guthrie, Wales’ celebrated Lights That Change, and Malcolm Holmes of Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark (OMD).

Listen to ‘Lama’ Mal Holmes’ OMD Remix:

‘Frequency’ follows the band’s two debut LPs ‘Antigravity’ and ‘Ummagma’, which were simultaneously released in 2012. This release represents a slight departure from the first two albums, which whisked the listener through the romanticism of first meetings, big love, adventures abroad and optimistic dreaming through to the realities of birth, loss, death and departure. In contrast, ‘Frequency’ explores such themes as space and distance, timelessness, escapism, and the search for tranquility.


1. Orion
2. Lama
3. Winter Tale
4. Galacticon
5. Ocean Girl
6. Lama (Robin Guthrie Remix)
7. Lama (Malcolm Holmes’ OMD Remix)

8. Lama (Lights that Change Remix)

Video for ‘Lama’:

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