Synthpop Wizard ‘Rodney Cromwell’ Releases ‘Black Dog’ EP Today – November 6th

Rodney Cromwell Black Dog EP Out Today

Happy Robots Records

Rodney Cromwell ‘Black Dog’ EP – where analogue synth disco meets modern remix power

“Rodney Cromwell’s music belongs to the future” – NME

“A reminder of good pop tunes from a magical era” – Louder Than War

“Never before have I encountered an electronic or indie pop artist who could successfully echo, reimagine and reinvigorate so many legendary 70’s and 80’s synthpop artists as Rodney Cromwell has done” – The Record Stache

“How Kraftwerk might sound if they were an indiepop band” – Bliss Aquamarine

“Echoes of OMD, Kraftwerk, the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. He even gives the BBC Radiophonic Workshop a run for their money” – Sounds XP

LEAD TRACKS: Black Dog (Version), You Will Struggle (Rod’s Glitchy Disco Mix)

London synthpop wonder Rodney Cromwell has released his new ‘Black Dog’ EP, on the back of his debut LP ‘Age of Anxiety’, out earlier this year via Happy Robots Records. This new release introduces the modern electronic lover to some epic retro future synth music. Deeply influenced by artists such as OMD, New Order and Kraftwerk, he also utilises an arsenal of analogue synths, evoking the synthpop sound of the 70’s and 80’s, while also being forward looking and sounding fresh.

The ‘Black Dog’ EP features alternate cuts of album tracks, cranking the ‘analogue synth disco’ knob up to eleven. ‘Black Dog (Version)’ presents a merciless edit that turns the lengthy epic album track into the tightest radio friendly ode to depression you will ever hear. ‘You Will Struggle (Glitchy Disco Mix)’ was made for the dancefloor, landing in uncharted territory between Rex the Dog and ‘The Best of Divine’.

Rod extends what the NME calls ‘offbeat wit’ to shine on ‘Barry Was An Arms Dealer (North Poindexter Mix)’, albeit with a dark reimagining that takes the track into death disco territory. Finally ‘Black Dog (Extended Version)’ offers a punchier reworking of the album cut, restoring the epic bass riffs and jaunty synths that has won the ‘Age of Anxiety’ closing track so much praise.

 On this EP, singer Alice Hubley (Arthur & Martha, Cosines) also features on the songs ‘Black Dog’ and ‘You Will Struggle’.

The ‘Black Dog’ EP and ‘Age of Anxiety’ LP are available on Bandcamp and CDs are available through Cargo Records and Darla Records.

Rodney Cromwell will be appearing on 30 January 2016 at Elecrowerkz, Islington, supporting Massive Ego as part of the Electro London series of events

On Black Dog:  

“Possibly one of the best songs of 2015, ‘Black Dog’ recalls the pulsing post-punk miserablism of SECTION 25 and is embellished with the beauty of Cresswell’s Hooky bass” – The Electricity Club
“An absolute stormer” – XS Noise
“Bright & optimistic and stays with you long after the fade out” You, The Night & The Music

1. Black Dog (Version)

2. You Will Struggle (Rod’s Glitchy Disco Mix)
3. Barry Was An Arms Dealer (AUW’s North-Poindexter Remix)

4. Black Dog (Extended Version)


‘Black Dog’ Video:

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