Introducing: Denver Four-Piece ‘Scary Drugs’ And Why We Should Listen To Their Debut Single ‘Tribeamcannon’

 Denver Four-Piece ‘Scary Drugs’ share first track ‘Tribeamcannon’

from debut EP ‘Camp Complain’ – out in December

Read our interview with the guys below:

unnamed (16)

Don’t you just love the excitement that comes across from bands just starting out? It’s all about the music itself, being with your buddies and homies, about hanging out and creating some music together?!

You can hear this when you’re listening to Scary Drugs, the wholehearted enthusiasm just flies out of your speakers or your headphones, right into your ears. They’ve been playing around town a lot with other local acts and they’ve just finished recording their first 6 song EP titled “Camp Complain”, which will be released in early December. It was recorded by their good friends, Lucas Johannes from American Culture and Michael Stein from Homebody doing all the mixing for the tracks.

Listening to their debut track, ‘Tribeamcannon’ creates a slightly surreal picture of a happy childlike meeting of Beefheart, They Might Be Giants and a lo-fi Pat Metheny Group, washed up together on a sun drenched West African coast.

But that’s only to my ears, and I’m sure everyone will have a different opinion. The band describe it themselves as “like if you’re listening to the TV from another room and you hear a show that you really like playing, so you get up to watch. But as soon as you go into the room to watch, said show abruptly changes to a really loud and harsh commercial. Then right when you’re about to walk out, your show comes back on”.

But have a listen to ‘Tribeamcannon’ yourself:

Or watch the extremely “high budget’ video:

Read the Scary Drugs Interview:

What or who do you believe contributed to you becoming a musician and who are your Influences?

A lot of our influences just come from what were all currently listening to like; Ponytail, Tito Puente, Deerhoof, Lightningbolt, Death Grips, and the Talking Heads.

Which band/song would you love to cover and who would you like to collaborate with?

-We always thought it would be fun to cover a Daniel Johnston song. To Go Home, Honey, I Sure Miss You, or something.

-Really we just think it would be fun to collaborate with friends, like Homebody or Justinedrugs. Just something where we can drink some beers and write some hits.

What’s your favourite music video and why?

We’ve really been into the music video for Creed’s “My Sacrifice” Its just on a whole other level of hilarious!

Which new artist/band would you recommend to our readers?

People should check out our good homies in Justine Drugs and Mailman Land. They’re crushing it.

Best advice for new and emerging artists and songwriters?

-Fun first, peoples opinions last. Collaborate, and keep writing. Don’t be an asshole.

How would you describe your sound?

-We guess the best way to describe it would be like if you’re listening to the TV from another room and you hear a show that you really like playing so you get up to watch. But as soon as you go into the room to watch said show it abruptly changes to a really loud and harsh commercial. Then right when you’re about to walk out your show comes back on.

How do you feel about playing live?

-We love it. Playing on stages is ok, but playing on the floor with the people is way better.

What was the inspiration/theme behind your debut EP “Camp Complain”?

-Tossing around words, and talking about camping with champagne.  If you bring it all together, picture it…Camp Complain.

How did the collaboration with Lucas Johannes from American Culture and Michael Stein from Homebody come about?

We played a Rhino show with both of them and they really liked us, and we just became homies after that. Lucas, and Michael offered to record and mix us which was really awesome because we really trust the judgment in both of those guys. We knew they would do a great job.

Tell us about the process of writing your songs?

For the most part one of us will write a riff, then we get together and just jam on it until a song forms, or we will all just write separate riffs and throw them in a pot, stir it up and a new song is freshly baked.

Tell us about the process of recording your songs?

It was fairly simple, we recorded each part separately. We knew the songs really well and were just able to knock them out quickly

What does the future hold for Scary Drugs?

We’ve been writing a thirty minute song currently and a whole other ep on top of that. Also tour in the spring, fingers crossed…and beers, and It’s Always Sunny season 10, and Taco Bell.

Any parting words?

Signing off Denver. Good night and good luck. Stay stong. Keep calm. Live. Love. Learn. Lean. 4:20 hoverboards.

Thanks guys!

Listen to Tribeamcannon’ via SoundCloud

unnamed (18)

Single art by Molly Bounds and Caleb R. Hahne



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