Italy-Iceland Trio ‘My Cruel Goro’ Reveal Single ‘Clash’

My Cruel Goro ‘Clash’ single / video from debut EP

Rebel Waltz Records

Release: 16 November 2015

Italy-Iceland trio My Cruel Goro reveal new video single ‘Clash’

“4 words: potent virile raw sound” – Jammerzine

“A whirling, hypnotic and fast-paced journey – With Guitars

“A terrific Janus-faced creature, with strong elements of celebrated 70s bands such as The Clash, The Stranglers, The Jam, and The Vapors on the one hand and, on the other, the raw pounding modernity as Ash, Arctic Monkeys and even Weezer – The Sound of Confusion

“A fast-paced, knock-out EP… bursting with noisy, riff-laden, alternative-rock tracks that will make even the most reluctant fan start throwing themselves around like an angst-ridden teenager” – Gigslutz

“Young sonic spunk, full of vigour in the best punk-driven rock-o-rama way possible. These guys know how to create a beautiful ruckus” – Overblown Magazine

Italy-Iceland trio My Cruel Goro have released their third single ‘Clash ‘from their debut eponymous EP. On offer as a free download via their Bandcamp site, this release features 3 tracks loaded with early 70s energetic Brit rock & punk leanings, but with a distinct modern bent. Buzz bands listed in reference to this trio include The Clash, The Stranglers, The Jam, Ash, The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and Weezer.

Renowned British Producer Marc Joy (Mike Peters, Bernard Butler, Lights That Change, Golden Fable) say this is “immediate and in-yer face Italian neo-punk somewhere between Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Early Dinosaur Jr. and the Fratellis”, while Goldmine Sacks from Impose Magazine says the band “crashes on to the scene with a thrashing sense of existence” with “the three piece engaging in some clever and swift power pop chord dynamics”.

My Cruel Goro is Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming),Andrea Marcellini (bass) and Tommaso Adanti (drums). The first two met nine years ago through a mutual friend and have been making music together ever since. My Cruel Goro arose from the ashes of their previous project, when these two were joined by drummer Tommaso in 2014.

Clash is the sound of our dreams when they – literally – clash with people’s prejudice,” explains Andrea Maraschi. “It’s a fast-paced tune, as fast as your heart beating is when they tell you you should stop playing, ‘cause you’re grown up now; and you should stop falling in love, ‘cause you’re grown up now; and you should stop craving what you’re craving so bad: you’re grown up now”.

All three music videos from this series are created by renegade lofi producer Massimo Scoposki. ‘Glue Buzz’ is premiering in The Record Stache. ‘Crapford’ is premiering in The Sound of Confusion.  The new video for ‘Clash’ is premiering in Northern Transmissions.

Watch ‘Clash’:

1. Clash
2. Crapford
3. Glue Buzz


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