Grunge rockers ‘Clones of Clones’ Release Their Debut Album ‘Monster Heart’

Washington D.C.’s Clones of Clones is proud to announce

the release of their debut album ‘Monster Heart’

The band has received sonic comparisons to The Killers and Modest Mouse from publications like MAGNET Magazine and DCist:

“The track is a propulsive piece of fuzz rock, melodic and full-sounding, a snaking synthesizer stuffing the sonic canvas to perfection. Fans of the Killers and Motion City Soundtrack should definitely take note.”MAGNET Magazine

“With Brian Abbott’s energetic drumming, a series of playful bass riffs and fuzzy guitar supplements, Payes’ character becomes more than a sad sack. Pleading yet triumphant vocals tie together the elements of a fun and catchy garage rock track.” –DCist


Clones of Clones have just unveiled their debut album ‘Monster Heart’, which is available now via iTunes, Spotify and Google Play

Having played in venues and festivals all over the East Coast. The band has headlined shows at the most popular venues and opened for countless touring label acts in their hometown, Washington, D.C. Dates below:

The debut album ‘Monster Heart’ does not have a down moment as it captures the highs and lows of a relationship on the rocks. “From ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ to ‘The Battle Between’ and also listening to the latest single release ‘Somebody Else’, the thoughtful lyrics make you dream about a love forgone and the intense guitars and synths capture the dizzying, emotional ride that was this love,” explains lead singer, Ben Payes.

Watch ‘Somebody Else’:

The 10-track album pushes their grunge rock influences–bands like The Stone Roses and Black Rebel Motorcycle club–into new territory with the occasional synthesized soundscape or the intricate textures of intertwining melodies from vocalists Ben Payes and Nick Scialli. The band recruited the expertise of Producer Ted Comerford (Jukebox the Ghost, Army of Me) and Mixing Engineer Roger Moutenot (Rogue Wave, Guster) for this release.

‘Monster Heart’ is available now via iTunes, Spotify and Google Play


Track List:

1. I Don’t Need Your Love
2. Monster Heart
3. Somebody Else
4. Neighborhood
5. Out Loud
6. Our Love
7. Nightmares
8. Hole
9. Heavy Soul
10. The Battle Between


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