Kojey Radical Enters Into Fashion With New Concept Brand ‘Francis And The Artist’

Following the release of the acclaimed single and visual OPEN HAND, spoken word poet and creative artist Kojey Radical enters the world of fashion and launches a new concept brand entitled Francis And The Artist.

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Francis And The Artist commissions a young contemporary artist to make a physical piece of artwork, taken and then translated into a piece of clothing by a chosen curator. Francis And The Artist aims to breakdown and re-present the basic constructs of the everyday garment and highlights “The Artists” that help create the visual aesthetic of the product.

Every product is made to order with only one garment presented at a time. Each garment will be on sale for only 48 hours, after which the product is gone, allowing for a limited run dictated by the consumer. Each curator will have a 5 piece run with the brand after which a new curator is chosen to be the creative director. The first curator for Francis And The Artist will be Kojey Radical, who has commissioned work from rising Swedish artist Paloma Demanet for “The Archetypal T- Shirt”. 

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Paloma effortlessly manages to capture a raging reflection of a haunting quiet in an oil painting that stands at a colossal 2cm. Reminiscent of the opening scene of “BAMBU: NEVER WORRIED” Kojey is portrayed with his eyes closed and skin painted black, inhaling multiple cigarettes, which  symbolises a moment of ignorant bliss and selfish indulgence. The shirt showcases Paloma’s artwork on the chest, with a quote from BAMBU jotted on the upper centre of the back; reminiscent of a poetry extract.

The photographic story, which comes with the T-shirt, was photographed by long-time collaborator NXSH and worn by Savanna Small. NXSH & Kojey come together to deliver a dark, androgynous depiction of the T Shirt inspired by the original source material.

“The T-Shirt is completely unisex because we wanted to focus on the idea of androgyny. In fashion “Black” is idolised and adopted for it’s ability to perfectly depict nothing and everything all at once. Black is powerful”

The T Shirt will go on sale for 48 hours on November 2nd via AndTheArtist.Com

Watch ‘BAMBU’ here:

Watch Kojey Radical’s latest video ‘Open Hand’ here:


http://www.pushcrayons.com | https://soundcloud.com/kojeyradical

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