Shanghai Based Shoegaze Band ‘Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes’ To Debut Their New Breakup Album On Nov 13th

‘Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ are to release their new vinyl album, ‘A Million Farewells’,

on 13 November, 2015

Noisey’s (China) exclusive premiere of their single ‘Bird Is Flying’ HERE

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When Xiao Zhong and Sharon Cee­Q found themselves in a room together for the very first time, they agreed on a guiding philosophy: “Let’s not make anything that’s going to last. If we’re together for just two shows, then that’s what it is.” Thus was born Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes​. Since then, they’ve most certainly deviated, but not much, really.

The band, ‘Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’, draw on the heartache and beauty of breakups. It’s only fitting that the band has since broken up, but not without debuting a new album in their wake. Some of the band’s members, Rhys, Sam and Dan were involved in bands like the Wellington band ‘So So Modern’, Melbourne’s ‘Pale Heads’, Shanghai’s ‘Pairs’ and the New Zealand band ‘The Electric Shakedown’.

Check out Noisey’s (China) exclusive premiere of their single ‘Bird Is Flying’ HERE

Featured in China-based blogs, Time Out Shanghai and Live Beijing Music.

Check out WithGuitars wicked album review HERE

‘A Million Farewells’will be out on 13 November, 2015 And Is Available For Pre-Order

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I was glad to get a little sneak peak and I can tell you that this band is everything and more….some powerful stuff. Hope they will get back together again, in one way or another. Would be great to hear some more great tunes. 
Make sure to have a listen! 

Genjing Records




Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes



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