Alexi Glickman Of San Francisco Band Sandy’s – Exclusive Interview + New EP ‘Prom’ Release

Meet Alexi Glickman of San Francisco band Sandy’s…..In the mind of

a “good old fashioned song craft” aficionado


We caught up with Alexi before his debut release ‘Prom’, which is released on limited translucent purple cassette and vinyl via Super Fan 99 Records

Listening to Sandy’s for the first time you get to experience a laid back, well-crafted selection of songs, channeling Neil Young and a 3rd album Velvet Underground vibe via the happier side of Red House Painters & Low, with the ghost of Dick Dale thrown into the pot. All played effortlessly by a self-assured band around a California campfire under the light of a ‘Harvest Moon’. To achieve this sound the new album ‘Prom’ was recorded mostly live to a 1960s Scully 4-track in a house in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, it centers around Alexi’s guitar— an old Fender, open tuned, echoplexed—reverberating in the old wood panels of the forest dwelling ­turned recording studio.

Recent shows have seen Sandy’s open for Ezra Furman, Woods and The Allah Las who have all made waves in the UK, we have no doubt ‘Prom’ we will see Sandy’s do the same.  Radio X made ‘Consolidated Identity’ an X-posure. Hot One and a slew of approving blog posts followed. Joining Alexi are Burton Li (the Botticellis), Nick Aives, (The Range of Light Wilderness, Vetiver), Dave Muller, and Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine)

What or who do you believe contributed to you becoming a musician and who are your


I grew up playing music and started my first band with my schoolmates in elementary school.  Back then we listened to MTV bands which were mostly playing silly hair metal.  But I was also playing violin and learning about Bach and Beethoven and Brahms and I think that was just as important in developing my interests.  In high school my best friend and I got really into surfing– and we wanted the songs we were making to be connected to that in some way.  That feeling has persisted and I hope folks can hear it in the songs.

What was the first record you bought with your own money?

Nelson, After the Rain, on Cassette when I was 8 years old.

Could you list your Top 5 albums of all time?

Big Star–Radio City

Brian Wilson-Smile

Judee Sill–Heart Food

Paul McCartney–McCartney

Weezer–Blue Album

What’s your favourite music video and why? 

Take on me by A-ha– one of the best songs and best videos of all time.  I’m really enjoying Vulfpeck’s stuff too– Skymall is hilarious and amazing.

Best advice for new and emerging artists and songwriters?

There’s been a trend in the last ten years or so for artists to explore timbre and arrangement in amazing ways using all of the new technology out there– but often at the expense of developing an interesting sense of harmony and melody.  I’d be stoked to see a rekindled interest in good old fashioned song craft.

Which new artist/band would you recommend to our readers?

Assateague is my favorite SF band–  gentle souls who play beautiful mellow tunes.


Tell us about the process of recording your songs?

For  Prom we recorded at a house in the Sierra Foothills onto an ancient four-track reel to reel.  Instead of having access to unlimited tracks and overdubs, we were essentially documenting the sound of the live band.  Fourth Dementia was mostly me playing all of the instruments so the EP became this cool distillation of ideas.


Who would you like to collaborate with?

I’m doing more work as a producer/ songwriter for other artists these days and it has me wanting to find someone to work with on my own projects in that way.  I think you never know until you’re in the same room making music whether or not a particular person will be a good fit– so it’s hard to say who it might be.  Blake Mills’ new record is amazing and I got to see him at our little local venue in Mill Valley and it blew me away.  I could imagine working with someone like him– he’s innovative and subtle in the studio but also a complete shredder.

Any parting words?

Excited for the first UK Sandy’s release on Superfan 99– hope to bring the Sandband over for some shows soon.

Thank you for the Interview, Alexi. We really appreciate it.

‘Prom’ is available now on a limited edition purple cassette & CD or on a hand stamped and numbered edition 12″ vinyl

all available

via Super Fan 99 Records 

Or as a digital download via Sandy’s Bandcamp


Catch up with Sandy’s 

Website – Facebook – Twitter

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