Finland Native And hitRECord Supported ‘Peppina’ Releases Debut EP ‘Follow Your Gravity’

Peppina “Follow Your Gravity” EP OUT NOW


© Elizabeth Maney

“You never know what will happen if you dare to share your art,” she says. “For a long time I thought, ‘I can’t be an artist. That won’t happen.’ But denying myself made me really unhappy. I realized that I don’t choose to make music – I just do. It’s how I live. It’s what I am.” – Peppina

Peppina is a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with constant new music. Her EP is an imaginatively modern collection of songs that blend pop, acoustic, electronic, and cinematic components in one captivating place. Catchy single, “Time Standing Still,” is sure to lock the listener in from the first note. Peppina has a beautifully poetic understanding of the world around her and her EP is extremely relatable and calming.

Peppina caught the attention of acclaimed actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who founded the innovative open collaboration website/production company, hitRECord, and invited her to Los Angeles to perform her enchanting tune, “We Can Go Back Again” live for thoughts on “hitRECord On TV. This performance brought Peppina to the US again in 2014 to record thought provoking new EP, Follow Your Gravity, in New York City. New York’s infectious, nonstop energy gave Peppina the boost to create such an inspired new EP and was her first experience living outside of Finland. She collaborated on the EP with legendary hit makers including Jeff Franzel, Jimmy Landry, and Michael Spivack, also joined in-studio by top session drummer Shawn Pelton (Sheryl Crow, “Saturday Night Live”).

Watch the video for ‘What You Are Will Show’:

Listen To ‘Follow Your Gravity’:

Peppina’s Debut EP ‘Follow Your Gravity’ Is Out Now via iTunes



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