Indie – Shoegazers ‘Thrushes’ Share Video For Single ‘Joan Of Arc’ From Latest Album ‘Exposing Seas’

Thrushes share the latest music video and stream for Baltimore, MD indie-shoegazers Thrushes,
off of their latest full length Exposing Seas

​(2015 pic by: David Norbut)

Thrushes; part of the passerine bird family. The songs of some species are considered to be among the most beautiful in the avian world.

Baltimore’s Thrushes bring a similar beauty to the human world with Exposing Seas, their first full length in 5 years.

Formed in 2005, the band’s previous efforts (2007’s Sun Come Undone and 2010’s Night Falls) garnered the kind of glowing praise most indie acts could only hope for. Now, with Seas and its swirling, reverb-drenched guitars and dreamy, yet plaintively delivered vocals, the album brings to mind a mix of the classic shoegaze era-gone-by, Hounds of Love Bush-isms and a splash of 90’s emo-progenitors Rainer Maria resulting in Thrushes most focused work to date.

On the band’s approach to this new album, singer Anna says “Exposing Seas is an album that shows our growth as a band. We worked so hard over the past few years to create songs that were larger and louder than before without losing the ethereal mood (of the band’s previous work).”  Lyrically, she says “a lot of the songs have a dark feel, or a hint of longing.  I guess that’s just where I end up when i write even if the words aren’t autobiographical.”

Recorded and produced by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Office of Future Plans) at Magpie Cage Studios (Baltimore, MD), Exposing Seas is available on Florida’s New Granada Records.

Watch ‘Joan Of Arc’:

Listen to ‘Joan Of Arc’ : 

Exposing Seas Is Out Now:

unnamed (8)

“an underground sound that is gripping and inventive.”
– babysue
“This record is immediately going into heavy rotation”
– This Is That Song

“…textbook shoegazer guitars, atmospheric female vocals, and sparkling drum/symbol crashes–makes me swirl with giddiness.”

– Three Imaginary Girls
“…gorgeous, vulnerable vocals and swaying guitars.”
“Anyone who has fond memories of 4AD will be all over this.”
– Idolator

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