The Planet Of Sound ‘End Of Week Playlist’ #4

The Planet Of Sound ‘End Of Week Playlist’

Well, I didn’t do an ‘End Of Week Playlist’ last week and that’s why this one is a little

 longer (quite a bit actually), but still just as good.    😉


In no particular order:

Niamh Crowther  –  Little By Little

The Sunday Reeds  –  Pretty People

Real Experts  –  Don’t Stay (featuring Daniel Angelus)

Yak  –  NO

Sorcha Richardson  –  Petrol Station

The Slow Readers Club  –  Plant The Seed

The Mars King Tapes  –  Miranda (Live @Tide Session)

IS TROPICAL    –    Lights On

Clara-Nova   –   An Island

Sandy’s    –   Consolidated Identity

Farao     –     Warriors

Craig Finn     –     Maggie I’ve Been Searching For Our Son

Wovoka Gentle – You Have Saved Our Lives, We Are Eternally Grateful

Ummagma – Lama (Mal Holmes OMD Remix)

Maff – Walking On Fire

Jakl – The Jackal

Israel Nash – LA Lately

Maudlin Strangers – Gingerale

Natalie McCool – Cardiac Arrest

The Slightlys – Desperate Measures

The Vryll Society – Coshh

Hunny – La Belle Femme

Denny –  Boyfriend

Dante Elephante – Never Trust A Junkie

Cataline – To Be Alive

Matt McKee – Shilly Shally

Hedge Fund – Boyfriend

HOO Has – Yankee

Maff – Walking On Fire

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